Official RICOH Resources

Official RICOH Resources

There are four different types of APIs. The WebAPI is used in iOS and Android apps and is the most popular.

Official API Reference

API Type Usage
WebAPI mobile app
USB API robotics, industrial devices, timelapse
Plug-in API app runs in camera. Site scans. Wireless streaming.
Bluetooth API mobile app

Official SDKs and Samples

Repo Notes
THETA API 2.1 Android SDK Android, mobile app, WebAPI (wi-fi)
THETA API 2.1 iOS SDK iOS, mobile app, WebAPI (wi-fi)
THETA Plug-in SDK Android, apps installed inside camera
THETA Plug-in Camera API Sample for X Kotlin, Camera API, X-only, GUI
THETA Plug-in Camera API Sample Android, Camera API, V/Z1/X, no GUI
THETA Plug-in Library Android, allows use of broadcast intent
THETA Wireless Live Streaming Plug-in Stream to RTMP server (YouTube)